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Our Story

Named after the 2 Belgian founders, Alexia and Talia, Aliya Fine Jewellery is an exquisite and contemporary brand that originated in Hong Kong. After eighteen years of deep-rooted friendship, the two founders decided to combine their tastes and ideas to create a jewellery brand that would ally them perfectly. In other words, the consolidation between finesse and modern jewellery. It was a very moving moment once they both realized their tastes connected so beautifully.

Today, Aliya Fine Jewellery offers a wide range of collections – rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets – all in 18 carat gold, carefully handcrafted and set with diamonds. Aliya also offers a bespoke service  and even offers jewellery pieces for kids of all ages.

“Diamonds and friendships are forever”

Twenty years ago, Talia and Alexia met at a ski trip. Fifteen years later, after losing touch with each other, destiny brought these two souls back together. On a sunny Sunday in Hong Kong, filled with love and laughter, the two friends started talking about their tastes in jewellery.

It took no time for them to realize they had the same passion for delicate jewellery with a touch of modern, chic and “rock n roll” too. Coming from the same country and background, the two women understand each other very well – yet, they are very different. These contrasts are perfectly expressed in the design and personality of Aliya Fine Jewellery.

The Founders

Alexia Schamisso

Alexia was born in Antwerp, Belgium – the capital of diamonds for over 400 years. She was brought up in a family of diamond dealers. Without necessarily knowing it, as Alexia was growing up, she was submerging herself in the diamond industry that she started to love deeply.


Talia Kagan

Talia was born in Brussels, Belgium.Her uncle is a diamond dealer in Antwerp and Talia also had an upbringing within the diamond world. From a very young age, she started to develop a strong taste and eye for fine jewels.


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